Loft Beds with Desk

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Loft Beds with Desk

Kids High Sleeper Bed

A versatile piece of furniture for both parents and children, the kids high sleeper bed is the perfect solution to make everyone happy. High sleepers are great for households with kids that are tight on space. Without crowding your child too much, a kids high sleeper bed will give you extra functionality from your bed by using the empty space underneath. Using this simple design, high sleepers start to show off their true versatility.

If you have more than one child you will definitely know how precious space can be in a small apartment or house. If your kids are of similar age and you are having them share a bedroom, even two small beds will take up a lot of space without much room for anything else. Two kids high sleepers with desks underneath alleviates that problem quickly and easily. Without using up more space than a regular twin size bed, you’ve doubled the space usage because you now have a usable desk built directly underneath the bed frame.

Even with one child, the space saving virtue of a kids high sleeper bed gives your child more playroom in his or her bedroom. Since you’ve got a desk (or couch, cabinet, TV) and a bed using the same vertical space, you’ve reduced the need for any additional furniture in your child’s room. There are a number of other configurations, as mentioned, like high sleepers with bare empty bottoms underneath to high sleepers with chairs, cabinets, drawers, and half desks built in. With an empty bottom high sleeper you can move any existing furniture that you have underneath the bed and free up some additional space there. Another popular configuration to the bed-desk combination is the bed with futon. These high sleepers, also known as kids loft beds, are built with a comfortable sitting area so your child has a place to sit, read, and nap.

High sleeper beds fall under the general bunk bed category. Called platform beds or loft beds, they are beds that are raised high above the ground. There are also mid sleeper beds which only provide a modest lift with enough room for cabinets and drawers underneath but not a desk. Access to the bed is provided by a ladder which may be placed on the length or width of the bed depending on the design. With the sleeping surface now raised high above in the air, the empty space below can be utilized for additional furniture, giving the loft bed its space saving characteristic.

Kids especially love high platform beds because it’s unusual and it may remind them of summer camp when they slept on a bunk bed with roommates for a few months. It’s also quite exciting for a child to crawl up and down a ladder each day. Kids high sleeper beds are designed with several safety features including high guard railings on the bed itself and also along the ladder. Ladders are usually at an angled incline compared to high sleeper beds for college kids where the ladder may not even be present (the desk is the step) or else the ladder is completely vertical to the ground. These types of beds are much harder to get in and out of and are better suited for older children.

kids high sleeper bedKids high sleeper beds also come in a variety of fun designs and colors. Besides picking out a configuration for your child’s bedroom, you can also choose from a number of fun colors and even themed beds. Elaborate high sleeper beds can be decorated like a race car, castle, or anything that would attract and inspire the imagination of a child. While it can be fun for a kid, parents also love the high sleeper because it lets them save space and make better use of the room available. It can also be a great way to get kids to go into bed and sleep as some children simply do not wish to sleep.

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Full Size High Loft Beds

Traditionally, high loft beds have been associated with twin size beds. These are perfect for smaller children but what about teenagers, college kids, or adults? Fortunately, you can also select from full size high loft beds among several bed manufacturers at your local furniture store or online retailer. These loft beds are raised quite high, usually with enough usable space for additional furniture to be located underneath. They make use of the industry standard full size bed mattress which can be placed on the loft area so you can comfortably sleep an adult-size person like a college kid or teenager. Since it is an industry standard size, you don’t have to do any extra special shopping and you can even reuse an older full size mattress.

Full size loft beds are perfect in a teen’s room or in your college student’s dorm room. They are highly functional, doubling as both a bed and usually a desk depending on the configuration, and therefore save a lot of space. The most common configuration is the high loft bed with desk situated directly in the usable space below the mattress frame. Another typical option is the loft bed with couch underneath. Both offer the advantage that it can be used as a bed during the night and as a desk for study or couch for sitting during the day. It does all this without using up a larger space than a regular full size bed would take.

metal full size high loft bedThere are several different high loft bed styles for full size beds. A modern look that a teen or college kid may enjoy is the metal loft bed. There are a few style designs that you can choose from to your liking. One metal bed style makes use of X-shaped criss-crossing metal bars that make up the sides of the bed, giving it a rough hourglass impression with the desk leveled and placed exactly where the bars intersect in the “X.” Another more plain style is simple straight up and down poles that make up the loft bed’s bedposts. Metal beds can come with metal desks or wooden desks for a more organic look. Since metal is very strong, it also requires less material than wood for the loft bed frame, so if you have a minimalist style preference then you might like metal high loft beds.

Wooden loft beds are the traditional favorites since they look elegant and have natural wood finish. You have your choice of many types of wood material each giving a unique shade and texture. A wooden loft bed will be heavier to move since it requires more material to build so keep this in mind before buying.

Whether it is for your adult-size child or even for yourself, a full size high loft bed is the perfect way to get maximum use out of your limited area. It’s at home in a child’s bedroom or dorm room, yet you can just as easily put it in your office, den, or guest room. This way you get an extra sleeping surface for the occasional guest or for napping during the day, and you can still use the desk or couch underneath the loft bed at any time. Since it is a full size loft bed, you can be guaranteed that the bed will be large and comfortable and the desk as equally wide. In fact with so much space, there are certain configurations of loft beds with desks paired with cabinets, couches, or even second desks.

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Why High Sleeper Beds Are Ideal for Kids

Your typical child’s bedroom is certainly going to be small, but that is perfect because it is exactly the right size for high sleeper beds. While you fall asleep in your luxurious master bedroom suite, your child’s bedroom could quite possibly be a couple magnitudes smaller than your own. And if you are feeling somewhat confined in your bedroom, consider how your child might feel. This is where the magic of a high sleeper bed comes in.

Also known as loft beds, these high sleeper beds are a wonderful addition to any kid’s bedroom. Like a divan bed or a sofa bed, high sleeper beds offer dual use convenience. Purposefully built for multi-function, the loft bed is exactly that–a bed–but raised. Think of it as a bunk bed, but just the top bunk only. This leaves the bottom bunk an open area of customization. If you have a single child, or a child per room, then you fully well know a bunk bed is not going to solve your small space issues. The beauty of a high sleeper is the fact that it borrows some of the high utility of a bunk bed but adds an extra dimension to the functionality.

Popular substitutions for the lower bunk area of a high sleeper bed include desks, drawers, couches, or even entertainment centers. The fact is, elevating a bed and making smart use of vertical space opens up an entire area you never thought you could have. The best part is you can choose the high sleeper bed that fits your kid’s needs. The most popular option is to purchase a high bed with built in desk as it offers the most use. However, if you already have a desk in the bedroom that you don’t want to get rid of, you can spring for extra drawers or additional seating with a sofa. There are also loft beds with a completely empty open space, meaning it is literally a platform bed with extra long bed posts. These are great because you can move your child’s desk underneath, for example, without having to spend extra for a loft bed that comes with one built in. It also means you can add whatever you’d like, like a few chairs or a small couch or bean bags.

The bed high sleeper can come in an array of finishes, including wood and metal. There are also L-shape high sleepers than can be placed in the corner of a room and usually provide two sleeping areas. For those that have two or more kids to a bedroom, this would be even better than a bunk bed. Imagine two raised beds and two desks underneath.

When shopping, pay careful attention to the age and weight requirements as different materials, frames, and construction will support different uses. Sleeper beds designed for small children generally feature smaller ladder steps and higher railings. Loft beds designed for teenagers or college students are usually made from heftier construction and have larger steps or even none at all. You don’t want to be buying a dorm room high sleeper for a child in the third grade. Also note that there are usually age minimums, due to the fact that climbing in and out of a high bed for a younger child could pose some safety problems. The general recommended ages for most high sleeper beds are ages six to thirteen. These beds are also designed to support children of these weight ranges as well.

Whether you are getting a high sleeper for a small child or a child who is too big for the nest at home, they still make an ideal alternative to the traditional bed. Not only do you get extra use from the free space underneath the bed, you can also get rid of that desk, drawer, or cabinet as it would no longer be needed. For active kids, the extra space can mean less restrictive play time, though that might not be such a great thing for some parents…

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