Loft Beds with Desk

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Loft Beds with Desk

Types of Loft Beds with Desk or Sofa Underneath

Loft beds with a desk or sofa underneath are a great way to maximize space in a tiny and cramped room. With the growing need these days for getting maximum utility out of living space, people are now wanting to utilize their floor living space in the most efficient way possible.

Oftentimes, we have to sacrifice bedroom or dining space for bigger kitchens or bigger living rooms. In order to accommodate for extra living space, we have to sacrifice on one other aspect of the house. Whatever the sacrifice, it all boils down to choosing the right furniture that fits into our space efficiently and unobtrusively.

Nowadays, furniture makers have turned their attention towards this issue of space-saving furniture and have come up with things like a loft bed with desk. Thanks to our growing demand for multifunctional pieces of furniture, we now have many different types of loft beds with a desk or sofa underneath. Loft beds are basically beds that have been elevated so that other pieces of furniture, such as desks or sofas, can fit conveniently underneath them. They come with a variety of design features that allow you to utilize the space underneath them in whatever way suits your lifestyle and your need for these unique desk loft beds.

Some basic forms of loft beds:
• Bunk bed
• Dresser loft bed
• Desk bed (loft bed with desk)
• Combo bed
• Couch bed (loft bed with couch)loft beds with desk or sofa underneath

Bunk beds are the most basic design of loft beds. Although you may be used to the idea of one bed being stack parallel top one another, there are now bunk beds that are stacked perpendicular to each other. This loft bed design allows for more moving space for the lower occupant. Sometimes, these types of loft beds come with matching drawers, shelves, and computer desks for each side and each occupant. If you’re looking to buy a traditional bunk bed, make sure you buy one that’s sturdy since some tubular metal bunk beds may collapse.

Dresser loft beds are also very functional in that the bed is raised while you have a vanity table, mirror and drawers that go underneath. With this design, you don’t have to worry about buying extra furniture since it all comes as one. Not only are you saving money, but lots of space as well.

One of the most popular designs—especially for those in college—is the desk bed. This type of loft bed with desk underneath gives you optimum workspace below the raised bed. In some desk bed designs, the desk runs the whole length of the bed and also comes with storage shelves and cubby holes that keep the workspace neat, organized, and clean. These college loft beds with desk are ideal for dorms or anyone who’s limited on space. There are many reasons as to how loft beds with desk underneath save space and save you money.

The more expensive kind of loft bed is the combo bed that comes as the bed, desk, and dresser all built into one single unit. Functionality is the top priority for this type of loft bed.
Couch beds are basically loft beds with a sofa underneath them. In this case, you have your raised bed, but with enough space underneath to fit a sofa in. Loft beds with sofas underneath provide extra seating for yourself and for your guests. Sometimes, these designs come with a convertible sofa bed or futon that you can fold back in when it’s not in use. There have been recalls on futon bunk beds, so do be careful of letting younger guests sit on your bed.

There are a variety of loft beds available to you to choose from. As long as you know which loft bed suits your needs and lifestyle, then you’ll have no trouble in finding just the right one for you. The different types of loft beds with desk or sofa underneath are all very versatile pieces of furniture—just choose whichever one you like the best!

  • loft beds with couch underneath
  • loft beds with desks underneath
  • loft bed
  • loft bed with couch and desk

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Dorm Loft Beds Eliminate Clutter

Dorm loft beds are a great way to keep college dorm rooms clean, neat, and clutter-free. With loft beds, students no longer need to cram their belongings into small and inconvenient spaces. College loft beds with desks are the ideal bed for dormitory style rooms. Not only do they save space, but help maintain a cleaner dorm room all throughout the school year. They provide a simple solution to all your mess-related problems by creating extra usable space in the dorm room. Unique desk loft beds help with organization and also give a stylish look and feel to your room.

Unlike before, dorm loft beds are built sturdier and follow certain precautionary requirements so as to ensure long-lasting durability and dependability. They usually come in the form of wood or metal and are guaranteed to maintain its shape and durability for a number of years.

These loft beds can accommodate a variety of issues and problems. For example, a taller student has the option of choosing a bed with an extra long bed frame. For those who toss and turn in their sleep, these loft beds come with guard rails so as to prevent injury. Dorm loft beds also allow for flexibility in its configuration—which means that you can adjust the height of the bed to accommodate a desk, dresser, sofa, or any other type of furniture that is small enough to fit underneath. Loft beds can be used even beyond your college years and for a number of years into the future as well. Its flexibility and versatility allow for anyone—not just college students—to use it to their liking. However be careful in purchasing loft beds for younger children since bunk bed-related injuries can be more dangerous for them.

The practicality and compactness of dorm loft beds frees up space for storage and personal enjoyment. The elevation of the bed creates more room for comfort, other pieces of furniture, and even for socializing. With it, you can place an extra computer desk, sofa, or bean bag into the room without taking up too much space. Instead of being cramped into a small room with an awkward walking space, students can optimize the comforts of their dorm room by utilizing the benefits that dorm loft beds have to offer. There is more room for moving about, relaxing, and most importantly studying. Dorm loft beds can significantly improve a student’s college experience. With less clutter in their room, students are able to feel much more comfortable and at home in their new space.

Dorm loft beds are not only just good for freeing up space but are a great way to maintain peace and harmony between roommates sharing the same dorm room. They enable roommates to get along well since they keep the room organized and well divided—creating just the right amount of personal space for each person. Loft beds give each student the privacy they need to study, relax, or sleep. One student can study while the other sleeps. The light on one student’s desk will not interfere with the other student’s desire to sleep or relax. The height and design of the loft bed allows for each student to have their own personal space without distracting the other student.

The possibilities that dorm loft beds offer are endless. They are sturdy, durable, affordable, and can be used for a variety of purposes for many years. With all the different possible configurations they can take on, these beds enable students to study comfortably and easily. Dorm loft beds do not add clutter to a room—they create space and thus eliminate the problem of cramped spaces and cluttered dorm rooms.

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High Platform Beds: Bye-bye Box Springs

When it’s time to shop for a new bed, more often than not people are looking for a mattress on top of box spring combination. This is the traditional styled bed, but it can be surprising to learn that there are other more interesting beds like high platform beds which actually take up less visual space in a bedroom. The high platform bed is unlike a box spring in that it has a large open space beneath the frame, providing an additional usable storage or working area. If you’re tired of going the same route with the traditional box spring mattress setup, it’s time to see what benefits high platform beds have to offer.

platform bed frameFirst of all, high platform beds save space better than any other type of bed. The design replaces the box spring with an elevated bed frame, providing the bed mattress with a solid foundation that acts as the entire frame of the bed. A high platform bed is elevated much higher to leave an empty usable space directly under the mattress.

You may wonder if ditching your box spring would ruin your mattress. The answer there is simply to make sure that the mattress is well supported. Box springs are still mostly used in the United States, but other continents like Europe and Asia prefer platform beds and have used them with mattresses without any issues. This means there is no reason why a platform bed won’t give you the same type of support that box springs provide.

By nature of the design, some box springs use a thin metal frame since much of the bed support is taken care by the box spring itself. This is not the case with high platform beds. The thin metal frame is not needed at all because all the support is built directly into the bed frame itself. Usually the mattress lies on top of wooden or metal slats which are connected like a ladder. Another popular method of adding support to a bed is through a thin metal frame that rests directly on top of the slatted paneling. This gives the mattress breathability and solid support, which is often required of memory foam mattresses in order to maintain conditions to satisfy the warranty. Whether you need the air flow or support, a platform bed is versatile enough to address both these issues.

high platform bedBox springs have the unfortunate side effect of taking up perfectly usable space. Divan beds are a popular alternative because they have drawers built directly underneath the mattress. A high platform bed takes the same concept and goes even further. They can elevate the mattress platform right up to your eye level, leaving ample room below for a desk, cabinet or drawer space, or even another bed (thus becoming the familiar bunk bed). Other variations even use dual desk and cabinet combinations or even accommodate sofa seating.

With so many benefits to be had with high platform beds, it’s easy to say bye-bye to those old box springs and get some versatility and extra storage space back from your room. Other advantages include:

  • Safe to use with just mattresses only
  • Affordable compared to box springs
  • Better use of limited space
  • Can combine two furniture into one
  • Stylish and available in models like kids high sleepers to college loft beds to adult beds

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